Korean guitarist Sungha Jung returns Vietnam

Sungha Jung who is known as a “Korean guitar prodigy” has traveled to Vietnam for performances in HCMC and Hanoi from September 15-16.
Korean guitarist Sungha Jung returns Vietnam

Sungha Jung is a master the guitar at the age of 5. He became very famous, especially on YouTube with over 991 million views and over 3 million subscribers by April, 2015.

He won 15 YouTube awards, including six No. 1” prizes. He has composed and made arrangements of music with diversified style. Sungha Jung released 7 albums and the newest is “Mixtape” (2017 May).

His music mesmerized people, namely “Felicity”, “River flows in you”, “Irony”, “On a brisk day”, “Flaming”, “The phantom of the opera”, “Haru haru” and others. Among these songs, the cover of “Pirates of Carribean” movie was the best-known with over 45 million views.

Sungha Jung has collaborated with many famous Korean and international artists, 2NE1, G-Dragon, Kotaro Oshio, Trace Bundy, Andy McKee, Tommy Emanuel, Jason Mraz… He has several performances in France, America, Denmark, Poland, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, China and among.

In Vietnam, Sungha Jung had ever been known for his works on YouTube over the past 10 years. This return is the fourth consecutive year that he performs in Vietnam.

The concert took place at VOH Music One in HCMC on September 15 and is held at Youth Theater in Hanoi tonight.