Highest toll fee on expressways estimated at VND6,000 per km

The Vietnam Road Administration has submitted a draft decree on toll collection for expressways to the Ministry of Transport.


Accordingly, the proposed toll rates range from VND900 to VND6,000 per km on expressways, including Lao Cai - Kim Thanh, Hanoi - Thai Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong, Cao Bo - Mai Son, Mai Son - National Highway 45, Highway 45 - Nghi Son, Nghi Son - Dien Chau, Cam Lo - La Son, La Son - Hoa Lien, Vinh Hao - Phan Thiet, Phan Thiet - Dau Giay, My Thuan - Can Tho.

According to the Vietnam Road Administration’s proposal, a 4-lane highway has the lowest and highest fees of VND1,300 and VND5,200 per kilometer respectively. An expressway with four lanes or more will have the lowest and highest fees of VND1,500 and VND6,000 per kilometer respectively.

The highest and lowest toll fees for expressways that will be put into operation before January 1, 2025, and do not meet prescribed standards are VND3,600 and VND900 on the four-lane roads; and VND4,000 and VND1,000 on the highways with four lanes and an emergency stopping lane; and VND4,4000 and VND1,100 on the streets with four lanes and over.

Highway tolls could generate VND3,210 billion (US$125.3 million) per year. Budget revenue from toll collection is annually estimated at VND2,850 billion (US$111.2 million).

The toll collection will be carried out when roads meet expressway design and technical standards, complete construction and are put into operation.

The Vietnam Road Administration plans to lease or grant concessions to private entities for the management and operation of road toll collection, and may also organize bidding to select investors to manage expressways under Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Agreements.

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