High-school students to take graduation exam on June 28-29

The Ministry of Education and Training announced on March 1 that the high school graduation exam would take place on June 28 and 29, nearly two weeks earlier than last year.
High-school students to take graduation exam on June 28-29 (Photo: VNA)

High-school students to take graduation exam on June 28-29 (Photo: VNA)

The official registration will be on June 27. Two years ago, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the exam took place in July. As the pandemic is under control this year, the ministry decided to hold the exam earlier.

Therefore, university enrollment is expected to be earlier than last year, as schools will start the new school year in early September. Huynh Van Chuong, Director of the ministry’s Quality Control Department, said the ministry plans to organise the high school graduation exam in a similar format to recent years.

This year’s candidates will take three compulsory independent tests in mathematics, literature, and foreign languages and one of two optional combined tests in natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and social sciences (history, geography, and citizen education).

The exam will focus on subjects learned in the twelfth grade and add some practical application to gradually approach the orientation of capacity assessment of the 2018 General Education Program, Chuong said.

The exams for 2021 and 2022 also included these contents, he said. Only the literature test will be conducted as an essay exam. Other tests will be taken under a multi-choice format. The exam results are mainly used for high school graduation, with most universities and colleges also using the results for admission.

The same day, the ministry also posted sample exam questions of 15 subjects on its website for candidates to refer to and prepare for the exam. This year, the ministry has adjusted several technical issues to strengthen exam discipline following the draft amendment to the high school graduation exam regulations published in early January.

Candidates can no longer bring audio and video recording devices into the examination room. Only pens, pencils, compasses, erasers, rulers, pocket calculators without text editing function and Vietnamese Geography Atlas (when taking the geography exam) will be allowed. Candidates are also no longer allowed to leave the test area after two-thirds of the test time has passed but must wait until the end of the exam.

Another new feature is that this year, candidates can register for the exam online and directly at schools. Last year, the high school graduation exam took place on July 7-8, with more than 1 million candidates. The percentage of students who passed the exam was 98.57 percent, with Hanoi 99.1 percent, and HCMC 99.52 percent.

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