HCMC to recruit 63 excellent students as civil servants in annual intake

Ho Chi Minh City announced the recruitment of 63 civil servants who are excellent graduates and young scientists in the 2023 annual intake.
HCMC will recruit 63 excellent students as civil servants in annual intake

HCMC will recruit 63 excellent students as civil servants in annual intake

The Department of Home Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City has just issued a notice to recruit civil servants and employees in Ho Chi Minh City from excellent graduates and young scientists. Students must take the 2023 civil service exam. The administration will further strengthen the construction of grassroots civil servant teams with nearly 63 posts available.

Specifically, excellent university graduates of domestic or foreign higher education institutions in the ages of 16-30 years old who have excellent academic performance results are eligible for the recruitment. Moreover, they must meet one of the following criteria including winning an individual third prize or higher in one of the provincial examinations for selecting excellent students, wing an Encouragement award or higher in the examinations for selecting excellent students at the national level, or a Certificate of Merit or higher in international excellent students in one of the natural sciences such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics and the social sciences such as Literature, History, Geography, Foreign Language subjects when at senior high schools

Furthermore, students who win third or higher individual prizes at the Olympic competition in one of the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Informatics, or other majors during their university studies, approved by the Ministry of Education can participate in the recruitment.

For applicants with a master's degree, level I specialist doctor, resident doctor, level I specialist pharmacist specializing in medicine or pharmacy, they must have a doctorate, level II specialist doctor, level II specialist pharmacist specializing in medicine or pharmacy under 35 years old, they must win above-mentioned awards and they must have graduated from a university with good grades or higher and have a post-graduate major in the same field of training at the undergraduate level.

Candidates will go through two rounds of examination.

The application deadline is from October 30 to November 28, 2023. Applicants should send their personal documents directly during office hours, except on Saturday and Sunday, or send them by post to the agency that needs to recruit for the positions they want to apply for.

Those who are not accepted during the admission period will not be able to reserve their admission results for the next admission period.

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