HCMC should create favorable environment for global investors: State President

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc yesterday had an online meeting with over 700 voters of 11 communes in Hoc Mon District of Ho Chi Minh City, where he is one of the 15th National Assembly candidates. There he expressed his hope for HCMC to offer a better environment with strong infrastructure and favorable conditions to welcome international investors for a more sustainable development.

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc is delivering his speech at the online meeting with voters of Hoc Mon District. (Photo: SGGP)

Highly appreciating the participation of voters in all communes of Hoc Mon District, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc promised that he would try his best to fulfill all sensible requests of the community, especially residents in Hoc Mon District, where he represents.

The President commented that this district is witnessing an impressive economic transformation and living standard improvement. However, since this growth is still not as fast as the rate of the inner city, the localities must keep on their efforts.

President Phuc then expressed his wish to turn HCMC into the typical model of the whole nation regarding innovation, economic growth, public security maintenance, and living standard upgrading. HCMC must lives to its name – ‘the Pearl of the Far East’.

Being the leader of the Council for National Defense and Security, the President affirmed that he will continue to determinedly protect the country. Being the leader of the Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform, he will continue to help perfect the judiciary that serves all citizens and protect their legitimate human and property rights.

Being the leader of the whole country, he stressed the importance of the community sense in helping Vietnam become more powerful globally, and in letting it enter the list of high-income nations in 2045.

HCMC should create favorable environment for global investors: State President ảnh 2 State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc meets voters in Hoc Mon District  (Photo: SGGP)

The President compares HCMC with a helicopter, with its two blades being the downtown area and the three districts of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Can Gio. Only by cooperating smoothly with each other can these two blades lift the city up to a better future.

Besides the proper attention of the municipal authorities, the Central Government, and related ministries to the Northwest part of HCMC, President Phuc himself will directly take part in fostering the process to handle all proposals and recommendations of residents living in this area.

The State President then mentioned the tasks of caring for the vulnerable in the community and those who have great contribution to the revolution. He also pledged to always give opportunities for citizens to participate in the development process, as well as increasing the publicity, transparency, and accountability of state organizations.

Next, President Phuc discussed agricultural matters with voters, such as loan processes, insurance, output sources. He also talked about employment rate, salary policies, social security, schools for children of workers so that employees feel at peace. He spoke highly of the intellectual, saying that they are the useful force to boost the national development.

Citing that in a developed nation, there is an enterprise per 2-3 people, the State President aimed at a drastic reform of the business environment in HCMC in order to offer more favorable conditions for both business people as well as investors. This means to tackle current issues in capital, working space, tax policies, and human resources.

Seeing that Hoc Mon District and Cu Chi District are the two important hubs to connect HCMC with many neighboring provinces, President Phuc suggested the establishment of an ecological urban area there.

Adding to that is more investment in transport facilities like HCMC – Moc Bai Express Way, Ring Road No.3, Ring Road No.4, along with the upcoming railway and the current river system. They are the guarantee for a more sustainable development of both districts to keep up with the downtown area.

Mentioning the Northwest urban area, sited in Cu Chi District, he requested that the localities prioritize addressing existing problems and accelerating the construction progress in order to attract more investment from potential giant corporations. Industrial park expansion and hi-tech agriculture are also the top priority of this area.

As to the concerns of local residents over suspended planning status of many locations, as well as hot spots of traffic congestions, polluted canals, inadequacies at BOT stations, and the tardiness in issuing house ownership certificate for residents in apartment buildings, the State President promised to work with the municipal authorities to check and solve all possible problems to improve the living standards of the community there.

Then he expressed his support for the proposal to increase the budget adjustment rate towards HCMC, since it would eventually bring back even more revenues to the national budget.

Following the session of State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc is the meeting of current Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Le.

HCMC should create favorable environment for global investors: State President ảnh 3 Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Le is speaking at a meeting with voters in Hoc Mon (Photo: SGGP)

Explaining her action plan, the Chairwoman said that there will be 6 main focuses in order to improve the operation performance of state organizations; to establish an urban government model in HCMC; to adjust the general planning of the city; to build appropriate mechanisms for the development of education, healthcare, culture, science-technology, administration reform; and to launch the four key breakthrough programs so that HCMC becomes the financial center of the nation as well as the whole region.

She also promised to cooperate with the State President and the municipal authorities to solve problems related to suspended planning status of various locations in the two districts.

In the evening of the same day, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc led a delegation to visit Vietnamese Heroic Mother Huynh Thi Tu and Vietnamese Heroic Mother Do Thi Chon in Cu Chi District. He asked that the localities take good care of the mental and physical health of these mothers.

HCMC should create favorable environment for global investors: State President ảnh 4  President Nguyen Xuan Phuc visits Vietnamese Heroic Mother Huynh Thi Tu (Photo: SGGP)
HCMC should create favorable environment for global investors: State President ảnh 5  President Nguyen Xuan Phuc  and  Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Le visit Vietnamese Heroic Mother Do Thi Chon (Photo: SGGP)

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