HCMC schools propose deploying online enrollment software

On the morning of April 7, at the Conference on training and implementing enrollment in the first classes of the school year 2022-2023 organized by the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City, many districts proposed deploying online enrollment software throughout the city in order to facilitate the local statistics on enrollment results.
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In densely populated Go Vap District, Mr. Trinh Vinh Thanh, deputy head of the Go Vap district's Department of Education and Training, said that more than 23,000 students enter first grades and sixth grades in the district every year. For many years, the locality has implemented first-level enrollment according to a 4-step process,
With the above enrollment method, a representative of the Go Vap District Department of Education and Training said that there are still many inadequacies. For example, many parents working far away do not know the information, so they do not register the information of admission to first grade.
In addition, information about 6-year-olds and students who completed primary school is incorrectly updated leading to errors in the list sent to the Department of Education and Training; subsequently, children are not sent to classes.
In particular, some parents lost their children's admission notices; hence, they had to contact the Department of Education and Training to apply for a re-issue of admission notices, leading to failure to complete the enrollment procedures on time.
In general, with the previous 4-step enrollment process, students' parents spend a lot of time and effort traveling to carry out the procedure. The admissions department is mainly done manually, so it is difficult to avoid errors.
In order to overcome those limitations and at the same time promote the application of information technology in primary school enrollment, from the 2020-2021 school year, Go Vap district has changed the primary enrollment form from direct to online including six steps.
Step 1, the Ward People's Committee makes a list of 6-year-old children, primary schools make a list of students who have completed the primary program and send it to the Department of Education and Training.
Step 2, the Department of Education and Training updated the list on the website Tuyensinh.pgdgovap. hcm.edu.vn, check, compare and process data, and classify according to the enrollment plan of the District Admissions Board.
Step 3, the results of the classification will be updated on the enrollment software for students' parents to look up the results.
Step 4, Department of Education and Training shall notify the People's Committee of 16 wards and post on the website of the Department of Education and Training in Go Vap district information related to the primary enrollment work, attach a classification appendix, and instructions for logging in to the software. enrollment for research.
Step 5, the student's parents log in to the website Tuyensinh.pgdgovap.hcm.edu.vn, accurately declare their child's information to look up the enrollment results, and print the admission notice and application form from the software.
Finally, step 6, based on the admission notice, the student's parents bring the original documents to the assigned school to complete the enrollment procedures for their children, no need to photocopy or authenticate documents.
In particular, Go Vap district has improved the enrollment software in the direction of simplifying enrollment procedures, parents of first graders can directly register and take responsibility for their child's enrollment information on the district's admission page instead of having to register through the People's Committee of the ward where the child resides the school year 2021-2022.
The implementation of enrollment on the software helps the process of checking, comparing and processing enrollment data quickly and accurately, significantly reducing time and human resources for enrollment.
However, several parents don’t have computer skills or don’t have smartphones to access the online enrollment software, accidentally or intentionally register information that does not match the original file.
As a result, people's committees in wards and primary schools are equipped with computers to help parents log in to the enrollment website.
Similarly, in Binh Chanh district, Ms. Nguyen Thi My Chau, Head of the Department of Education and Training, informed that due to the specific characteristics of the population distribution situation, many households living in the district have not yet registered for temporary residence or changed their status. Therefore, many children are not sent to classes.
To overcome that limitation, from the school year 2021-2022, Binh Chanh District deploys online enrollment software for firs and sixth grades. Notably, primary schools will put the list of 5th graders completing the primary school program on the software, and at the same time, the Department of Education and Training will update the list of children in grade 5 completing the preschool program. Parents only need to receive students’ code to check the information and register for admission.
As a result, for grade 1, the total number of online registration documents on the enrollment software at the beginning of the school year 2021-2022 is 12,083 records and 9,438 are valid. For grade 6, the total number of online applications is 6,954 records including 6,472 valid records.
Highly appreciating the initiative of localities in renovating enrollment organizations, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training Le Hoai Nam said that the Department has directed its sub-divisions of Education and Training to develop a digital transformation project in the enrollment of students in first and sixth grades to create favorable conditions for students' parents in Thu Duc City and 21 districts.
In particular, localities need to study and arrange funding for departments of Education and Training and primary schools to conduct primary school enrollment, simplifying procedures and ensuring efficiency in enrollment.

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