HCMC reports 604 people from Covid-19 epicenters, Covid-19 hit areas

This morning, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Ho Chi Minh City reported 604 people from Covid-19 epicenters and Covid-19 hit areas, according to the Ministry of Health’s announcement.

Some 604 people hailing from the northern provinces of Hai Duong and Quang Ninh and other Covid-19 hit areas in the list of the Ministry of Health filled the mandatory health declaration forms. 556 of them were undertaking tests; one of them was positive (patient 1,660) while 382 others were negative and 173 waiting for test results.

When it comes to tracking measure, presently, the city health sector is tracking back contacts with the patient 1,660, to quarantine them. The sector has uncovered 19 contacts including 18 negative people and one waiting for test results.

Concerning 114 passengers and flight crew on the same flight with the patient 1,660, twenty of them who sat in seats near the patient were negative. Among ninety four people sitting far from him, 36 were negative while 58 are waiting for test results.

Medical workers are carrying out check in isolation wards in hotels, hospitals and quarantine wards in outlying districts. Additionally, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Ho Chi Minh City has been keeping an eye on people who have finished quarantine time.

The city reported 2,875 people in centralized isolation wards, 209 people under quarantine at home or at their accommodations.