HCMC removing bottlenecks in policy implementation to attract talented people

HCMC has just organized a monitoring session on Project 01-DA/TU, which is aimed at supporting and developing young talents as well as future leaders of HCMC during the period 2020- 2035. 

The project dated February 5, 2021 and was launched by the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party Committee.

A reporter of SGGP Newspaper held an interview with Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai, Deputy Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee, about the results and progress of the mechanisms and policies implemented to attract talented people.

Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai, Deputy Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee. Photo: SGGP

Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai, Deputy Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee. Photo: SGGP

Lack of attractiveness in regimes and incentives

After more than two years of implementation, there have been some significant achievements, as industries and localities have recognized the importance of attracting talents, thereby establishing their own policies, operating flexibly and creatively through a career mechanism to attract their own resources.

For example, there are many support policies in the medical field for highly trained resident doctors, while the cultural sector has many policies to support and train artists working in traditional arts or high-performance athletes. Similarly, the city's socio-political organizations have held programs and activities to gather, discover, nurture and promote young talents.

The monitoring session directed by the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party Committee reveals that agencies, units and localities, some of which have launched detailed plans for implementation, have enthusiastically engaged in leading and directing Project 01. The monitoring session is also an opportunity for party committees, agencies and units to reevaluate the implementation of the project and identify the existing shortcomings in the implementation of the project.

One problem is that some party committees in agencies and fields have not yet taken practical actions. Therefore, the possibility to synchronously implement the project is still limited. In addition, currently, there have not been any specifically regulated mechanisms and policies to support young talents, as well as to attract and retain people with outstanding abilities. Intensive training for officials in the city's priority training areas such as health, culture, and sports is also subject to limitations in many regulations.

Compared to non-public units, regulations as well as the income policies according to current regulations in the public sector are not attractive enough for young talents. In particular, according to Decree No. 140/2017/ND-CP, university graduates with excellent grades are admitted without examination and can enjoy the coefficient salary that comes with allowances of the same ratio. However, the number of students meeting this criterion is very small while it is difficult to recruit and retain the talents with the meager prescribed salary.

Adoption of mechanisms and policies from Resolution 98/2023/QH15

In addition to direct job offerings without examination, the need for recruitment through examinations is also taken into consideration in order to proactively form a team of leaders and managers at all levels, and at the same time ensure a continuous and steady transition between generations. In fact, from the beginning of the term until now, the city has recruited 209 students, whose recruitments strictly comply with the regulated recruitment standards and conditions.

While it can be seen that, through recruitment, the demand and registration of candidates are huge, with many young candidates, many other synchronous solutions are needed to attract and maintain high-quality human resources in the public sector.

"The People's Council of HCMC has passed a resolution on the income of scientists and regulations on increased income for officials, civil servants and public employees based on Resolution 98/2023/QH15. This is seen as an incentive to attract and retain workers in the public sector."
Mr. Nguyen Ho Hai, Deputy Secretary of HCMC Party Committee

To this end, the city has consistently been creating the most favorable working environment, increasing income to ensure the living standard and attracting high-quality human resources for many years, which can be seen in the master's and doctoral training programs, as well as the training programs for leaders and managers without previous relevant experience.

In addition, according to Resolution 98/2023/QH15 on piloting a number of specific mechanisms and policies to develop HCMC, the city is also allowed to implement special expenditure policies to increase income for state employees, civil servants, public employees, experts and scientists. This greatly facilitates the exploitation and promotion of the existing potentials, advantages and resources for the city's development.

Furthermore, HCMC will synthesize 3 implemented programs to promulgate a new one on training and planning for young officials and female officials for the city's future leaders. Other solutions will soon be adopted to attract high-quality human resources into the city's political system.

Opening ceremony of the Master of Public Policy training program for Senior Executives among young officials of HCMC in 2023. Photo: SGGP
Opening ceremony of the Master of Public Policy training program for Senior Executives among young officials of HCMC in 2023. Photo: SGGP

However, Project 01 is just a general project; each level, sector, and locality needs to specify plans and conduct branch projects to attract and maintain a young workforce in their specific field. This involves reviewing, evaluating, and setting criteria when recruiting, and at the same time, creating a favorable working environment to encourage and facilitate worker engagement.

Recommendations are also needed for the city to have a general policy to support fields with high-quality labor and young talents. Besides, to promote long-term attachment and contributions, there should also be policies on nurturing and training in expertise, skills and political theory for outstanding young workers in businesses, as well as creating the best working environment for experts and scientists to develop their talents.

The HCMC Party Committee also requires an accurate assessment of the prospects and capabilities of young officials, so that they are subject to promotion or training to get access to official positions, building up human resources for the next term. In reviewing and supplementing the planning, it is necessary to ensure the inclusion of young state employees and female state employees, thereby creating and fostering a strong workforce for the development of the Party and government in HCMC.

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