HCMC proposes support on tuition fee for first graders in private schools

Deputy Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Duong Anh Duc suggested the Department of Education and Training to have support on tuition fee for first graders in private schools according to the Law of Education and the city’s state budget.
At the meeting (Photo: SGGP)
At the meeting (Photo: SGGP)
He made the statement at a meeting with leaders of divisions of education in 24 district and related agencies on the new school year 2020-2021 yesterday. The education sector will have appropriate support for each families having first graders in private schools.
The city also encouraged wealthy families to send their children to private primary schools because there is a shortage public schools for all.
Deputy Chairman of District 12 People’s Committee Nguyen Van Duc said at the meeting that 8,120 first graders in the district will study in schools in the academic year.
Each class will have 50 students and just around 65,5 percent of graders can register morning and afternoon classes a day. First of all, the district administration tried to speed up classroom construction projects so that all children can have a space in a class.
However, a leader of District 12 moaned the district sees an increase of 22,000 children a year; therefore, the number of students in a class just 45 but now, it is 50.
Meanwhile, Head of the section of Education in Tan Phu District Ta Tan complained approximately 30 percent of students can attend morning and afternoon classes. Worse, 7,097 first graders registered for the school year 2020-2021. First graders can attend morning and afternoon classes only if second, third and fourth graders will not attend two classes in a day.
Director of Binh Chanh District Division of Education Nguyen Tri Dung said due to high pressure of overpopulation this year with 10,638 first graders, the district can provide one class for all grades.
Deputy Chairman Duong Anh Duc affirmed some districts will have big classes to ensure all school-age children. For instance, seven primary schools have been built in communes Vinh Loc A and B in Binh Chanh District with population of over 250,000 but it failed to meet residents’ demand.
Mr. Duc proposed district leaders to re-check school construction projects to ensure its progress.
In the approaching time, the Department of Education and Training will have guideline for organizing teaching and learning activities for one class a day . For instance, each class will include five class sessions and students learn six days or seven days a week mostly physical education.

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