HCMC plans to control motorbike exhaust fume

The Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City plans to work with relevant agencies to check exhaust fume emission for all motorcycles this month.
HCMC plans to control motorbike exhaust fume
The plan will be submitted to the government for approval before pilot implementation.
Before, the Centre for Natural Resources and Environment Monitoring October 9 announced emission from motorcycles is one of three major causes of air pollution in HCMC. Therefore, the Transport Department said that it is high time to monitor hazardous emission from vehicles to protect city dwellers’ health.
Presently, the number of vehicles is on the steep rise in HCMC with nearly 7.9 million vehicles including over 730,000 cars and 7.15 million motorbikes.
Motorcycle exhaust fume makes up 94 percent of hydrocarbons (HC), 57 percent of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 87 percent of carbon monoxide (CO and 33 percent of PM1O of total emission from all vehicles in the city.

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