HCMC Party Secretary urges solutions for downtown beautification

Ho Chi Minh City Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nen said that special solutions are needed for urban beautification so that people do not have to live in slums anymore.


Secretary Nguyen Van Nen made the statement at the 31st session of the 11th HCMC Party Executive Committee of the 2020-2025 tenure.

Party Secretary Nguyen Van Nen spent a lot of time discussing solutions for cramped housing in the city center.

According to Mr. Nen, after the pandemic, the city has had a strategic plan for social housing, but so far, the plan has not been realized.

He reiterated the opinions of delegates at group discussions, about a number of residential areas and clusters located in the city center with households living in houses in poor repair affecting their health and living conditions. The Secretary of the city Party Committee required that there must be special solutions and resolute settlement, not letting the people suffer any longer.

HCMC Secretary urges solutions for downtown beautification

Secretary Nen added that the city is currently implementing the Politburo’s Directive 34 on the work of social housing development. He asked district administrations to continue focusing on removing obstacles in land procedures, planning, and having policies to mobilize resources for social housing development. At the same time, local governments ought to prioritize the allocation of the state budget and capital mobilization from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals on building houses for the poor and workers.

Earlier, at the discussion session on the first working day, Secretary of District 1 Party Committee Duong Anh Duc said that many dwellers in District 1 still live in dilapidated houses. Residents in Cho Ga and Cho Gao markets live and work in a narrow space, with a high risk of fire and explosion. Even family members have to take turns sleeping because of the crampedness. Worse, four and five households live in a 15 square meter land plot.

Therefore, the Secretary of the District 1 Party Committee proposed that the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee have a special mechanism for District 1 to solve this difficulty.

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