HCMC makes effort to attract preschool teachers

The city People’s Committee planned policies to attract teachers in preschools in its document to the city People’s Council,
HCMC needs more teachers for preschools (Photo: SGGP)
HCMC needs more teachers for preschools (Photo: SGGP)
The city lacks 11,014 teachers working for 1,000 preschools including 450 public schools and 1,703 private facilities as per the Ministry of Education and Training.

Worse, the city has seen over 1,000 teachers quitting job for other works while a few teachers are recruited. At present, preschool teachers’ income in public institutions fluctuate from VND5. 5 million - VND13.3 million per month while their peers in private schools earn VND6.5 million - VND15 million.
The income does not deserve their work pressure and intensity.

Accordingly, the city authorities proposed some measures to keep teachers at schools including contracting employees for cooking meals with additional salary of VND2 million per month.
Additionally, a support of VND1.5 million a month for every teacher aims to encourage teachers  with Master degree and VND1.1 million per month for each teacher finishing 4 year programs at teacher’s universities and VND550,000 for people who study 3 year programs at teacher’s colleges.

The administration also allowed self-financing schools recruiting teachers from all districts in the country and provide low interest loans to poor students in pedagogies institutions to pay their tuition fee and daily allowance.

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