HCMC installs cameras to fine those throwing waste into canals

Deputy Chairman of People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City Le Van Khoa and environment officials yesterday toured Binh Thanh District to check households encroaching water drainage system and urged Binh Thanh to install camera along canals by the end of October to monitor throwing waste into canals and issue fines to residents who throw litter into canals.

The district must increase information of harmful effect of throwing litter into canals.

As per the municipal anti-flooding program steering center, Binh Thanh District has over 10 canals and many water drainage gates were filled with construction; consequently, water drainage system is limited and many districts are submerged when it rained heavily.

After checking river gates and encroached spots. Mr. Khoa asked the city anti-flooding program steering center regularly dredge canal Xuyen Tam. Binh Thanh administration must have measures to prevent residents from throwing waster into canals and encroachment of canal. For long term, the district authority must clear away these houses encroaching canals.

The municipal anti-flooding program steering center should focus on dredging the drainage system for short term and improve the system for long term. The center must install more pumping machines with capacity of 2,000 meter cubic an hour.

On the same day, deputy chairman of People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen patroled water drainage system and its encroachment condition in district 4. After studying the system, Mr. Tuyen stressed the project “Improving water environment in HCMC” along Tau Hu-Ben Nghe and Doi canals not only helps draining water for districts which canals go through but serves draining for the whole city.

Because the project go through many districts and wards in the city, the Department of Finance should collect reports of districts to submit to the People’s Committee, ensuring the project to be started on schedule of the beginning of 2017. The district People’s Committee must conduct statistics of compensation for removing households on canals.