HCMC applying various supporting policies to welcome laborers back for job

Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Youth Employment Services Center (YES Center) Nguyen Van Sang informed yesterday that in the upcoming time, the city is expecting a large quantity of people coming back to look for work, and has prepared suitable policies to aid these laborers.

People coming to YES Center looking for job on October 28. (Photo: SGGP)

Until now, over 200 businesses have posted announcements for nearly 50,000 vacancies at YES Center, ranging from manual work to more professional one. The center is hosting virtual activities to connect these employers to potential employees nationwide via the formal website sieuthivieclam.vn or the app ‘sieuthivieclam’, which also offers consultation services.

YES Center is also adopting many supporting policies for people seeking jobs after the Covid-19 outbreak like ‘Combo 3 in 1’ lasting to November 30 to provide temporary free-of-charge rented rooms, quick Covid-19 tests at no cost, and job recommendations.

The center has mobilized 60 such free rented rooms, along with nearly 200 rooms with a discount of 30-50 percent, to help people coming to HCMC for job. It is going to seek more rooms of this kind to financially support laborers when they are back to the city to work.

This program has welcomed and aided over 2,000 laborers from other provinces so far.

Political Commissar of HCMC High Command Nguyen Thanh Phong informed that the number of people wishing to return to their hometown these days has witnessed a significant decrease, so the High Command stopped organizing escorting activities. Instead, HCMC is going to deliver financial support for train tickets to those wanting to go back to the North.

Mr. Phong reported that so far, there have been nearly 8,200 people in HCMC registering for hometown return trips via his unit’s hotline and directly at the localities. The HCMC High Command has cooperated with functional agencies to escort around 1,850 citizens (mostly the senior, females, and children) back to their hometown as wished.

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