Hanoi to clean up, refurbish West Lake

Tay Ho District People's Committee will soon submit to the Hanoi People’s Committee a draft regulation on the management and exploitation of the West Lake – the biggest freshwater lake in the city.

Under the draft, the administration of the district, where the lake is located, proposes measures to clean up the lake, including dredging its bed, increasing aeration, and growing aquatic plants. More electric lighting and decorative lights will be installed on the roads along the lake shore, and walkways and flower gardens around the lake will be renovated.

Regarding the works on refurbishing landscape of the West Lake, in the past time, the district authorities directed relevant units to implement solutions including the dismantling and relocation of old floating restaurants out of the lake.

Up to now, the district has moved 146 out of the 147 floating restaurants. The last one has not been removed as it is in the process of executing a bank's judgment. It is expected to be removed by the end of June.

To preserve and promote the potential values and advantages of the West Lake which help turn the district into a service tourism culture center of the capital city, the district administration was assigned by the municipal committee to coordinate with departments and agencies in managing the lake.

The West Lake is located northwest of the city center. With a shore length of 17 km and 500 ha in area, this is the largest lake in the inner city and a popular place for recreation with many surrounding gardens, hotels, and villas.