Govt’s Civil Affairs Committee meets on specific mechanisms for HCMC

The Government’s Party Civil Affairs Committee this morning worked with the standing board of the HCMC Party Committee to review five years of implementing the Politburo’s Resolution 16 on HCMC development directions and missions by 2020 and discuss specific mechanisms for the city.
A corner of HCMC (Photo: SGGP)
A corner of HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, secretary of the Government’s Civil Affairs Committee, presided over the meeting which was attended by deputy prime ministers, secretary of the HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan and leaders of some ministries and agencies.

Stating at the meeting, Mr. Phuc appreciated the city Party’s Committee for requiring relevant sides to build reports on five years implementation of the resolution and a project on specific mechanisms for the city on the spirit of the city for the country and the country for the city.

He emphasized the city’s important role as the country’s largest economic hub, motive force of the southern key economic zone and human resource training center of the southern region with large universities.

City achievements have been estimated to be great by the Party and the State, he affirmed.

Still socioeconomic situation has many limitations and continues meeting difficulties and challenges which might slow down the city’s development if there are no new instructions, good ways of doing and innovations. Therefore, it is needed to renew policies and have specific mechanisms for the city.

He underlined the general point of view that the city should promote its strengths, create spreading in socioeconomic development, maintain to be the country’s largest economic hub, develop in harmony with other localities and efficiently connect with them to create a firm foundation for the city to develop.

Mr. Phuc proposed delegates at the meeting to focus discussions on right estimating the city’s position and role, achievements, limitations and reasons in all sides especially in five recent years when the city implemented the Resolution 16 of the Politburo on the spirit of sticking to reality and straightly seeing the truth.

In addition, they should point out difficulties and challenges for the city now and in the upcoming time. Of them are behind development infrastructure, climate change, environmental pollution and other issues in culture, society and human resource training.

He prompted delegates to give specific opinions about specific mechanisms for the city.

The PM asked them to pay attention to the common policy of boosting decentralization to raise the proactivity, creativeness and enterprising of the city in association with responsibilities of grassroots authorities and central government’s inspection and examination intensification. From that, the central government will not have to handle many matters of HCMC and HCMC will not have to solve many things of districts and agencies.

He prompted to clearly determine which mission and which field should be decentralized and which should be centralized to show the spirit of the city for the country and the country for the city.

HCMC’s difficulty sharing with the country should be determined to base on fair principle because many large businesses are headquartered in the city but operate not only in the city but also other localities and in the country.

In addition, he urged to study more about long term strategic visions for the city, draw development directions; to reach targets and medium and long term requirements at least till 2025 and visions till 2035. From that, the city can put forward missions and solutions in fields to ensure the generality, systematic, consistency and long term in the city’s development.

Specific mechanism

Govt’s Civil Affairs Committee meets on specific mechanisms for HCMC ảnh 1 Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc states at the meeting (Photo: VGP) 
Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan said that HCMC has been the country’s largest city in population and economic scale for the last 40 years with growth rate 1.5 times the country.

However, the city’s outstanding development in some fields have slowed or even lagged behind the country for the past ten years. After 30 years of renovation, with same policies like other localities, the city has created strong development steps thanks to its specific characteristics and advantages.

According to Mr. Nhan, the city’s characteristic of the most populous city in the country have to sides. That provides human resources for the city to develop. On the other hand, it requires much more investment in traffic, fresh water supply, waste treatment, health check and treatment than the country.

HCMC proposes a specific mechanism comprising four main matters including decentralization intensification, financial autonomy, wage payment in line with labor productivity and efficiency, strengthening of the steering committee on the southern key economic zone and HCMC region.