Good exit exam result worries high school graduates in selecting university

After many universities nationwide announced their thresholds using high school graduation exam scores, the list of direct admission, and the list of successful candidates based on their academic report, there comes the time for others to adjust their university choices, which is quite stressful.

Candidates registered for HCMC University of Economics and Finance using their academic report. (Photo: SGGP)
Candidates registered for HCMC University of Economics and Finance using their academic report. (Photo: SGGP)

Statistics of the Ministry of Education and Training show that the results of this year’s high school exit exam increase by 1 mark on average compared to last year, leading to a possible rise of the matriculation scores as well.

Among candidates registering for university in 2020 by their high school graduation result, around 289,000 are in Group A00 (Math – Physics – Chemistry), 277,000 in Group A01 (Math – Physics – English), 284,000 in Group B00 (Math – Chemistry – Biology), 746,000 in Group D01 (Math – Literature – English), and 540,000 in Group C01 (Literature – History – Geography).

Several universities in Vietnam have already published their thresholds using high school graduation exam scores for the majors they are teaching.

For instance, HCMC University of Technology and Education announced the threshold from 20-26 (compared in 15-24 in 2019) for different majors. Among them, the one for Robotics and AI is 26 while the ones for the majors of Automative Engineering Technology, IT, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business, TESOL are 23.5.

Similarly, HCMC University of Food Industry announced their threshold of 15-20 this year. The majors of Food Technology, Restaurant Administration and Catering receive candidates with 20 marks and over.

Mr. Phung Quan, Head of the Information & Media Department of University of Science (member of Vietnam National University – HCMC), revealed that since all testing subjects this year receive higher marks than last year’s ones, there is no doubt that the matriculation scores will increase by about 2.5 to 3, depending on each subject group.

In addition, hot majors like biotechnology, healthcare, or IT, which have always attracted a large quantity of candidates, will obviously witness the most significant rise of approximately 2 – 4 marks. In contrast, disfavored majors will experience just a little fluctuation.

Mr. Quan added that due to Covid-19 pandemic, many universities in Vietnam adjusted the rate among their admission methods, with a clear decrease in the proportion of admission via high school exit exam result to around 35 percent – 50 percent. This means a harsher competition among candidates.

Associate Prof. Dr. Do Van Dung, Principal of HCMC University of Technology and Education, advised that candidates should not be careless and overconfident even with a high exam result when they need to adjust their university choices. It would be better if their result is 3 marks higher than the matriculation scores of last year, but if this result is merely 1-2 marks higher, the chance of success is quite low.

Head of the Admission & Business Relationship Department of HCMC University of Food Industry Pham Thai Son shared that this year, the matriculation scores of top universities, especially those in the healthcare field, will rise noticeably, while the ones of the middle-ranged universities will just go up by 1-2 marks, and those of unpopular universities will be quite stable.

Therefore, he concluded that it is important for candidates to apply into their interesting major in a suitable educational institute. He suggested that high school graduates should also consider the method of using their academic report.

To ensure fairness and convenience for the compensated exit exam, the Ministry of Education and Training postponed the time to adjust university choices to September 19–25 (online) or September 19-27 (via a written form).

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