Gender inequality root cause of domestic violence in Vietnam

Studies showed that gender inequality is the root cause of domestic violence in families in Vietnam.

Gender inequality root cause of domestic violence in Vietnam
According to the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism’s report, the figure of domestic violence from 2012 to 2017 was 139,395 cases.
The Ministry reported that cases of domestic violence declined; for instance, from 2008 to 2011, there were around 152,873 cases of domestic violence.
There are many types of domestic violence, including social, physical, sexual and emotional. Of 139,395 cases of domestic violence, physical violence has 69,133 cases; emotional violence of 51,227; economical violence of 14, 331 and sexual 4,338. Worse, in some localities, children are abused by relatives.
As per the report of the Ministry of Public Security’s Criminal Department, from 30 to 110 kids in 28 cities and provinces were abused by step- fathers or cousins in 2016 and 2017 making up 21.3 percent.
People’s low awareness of law and gender inequality result in rise of cases of domestic violence. Plus, the community, government and unions do not pay enough attention to the problem considering it is as personal issue of each family. Government only intervenes when crime happens.
Form of violence usually occurs along economic parallels and social evils such as alcohol addiction and gambling.
Ministries admitted that measures against domestic violence and protection of victims are not effective and figure released by related agencies are not reliable; accordingly, it is hard to predict and put forward good measures while implementing regulations.
There has been a big difference between Supreme People Court’s report and the Ministry. For instance, according to the Ministry, during 2008-2017, the country had 292,268 cases of domestic violence, just one third of the Supreme People Court’s figure.

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