Foreign investors set record net selling of over VND2.3 trillion on HOSE

In the first trading session of the week, foreign investors set a new record for net sales on the HOSE exchange, totaling nearly VND2.32 trillion, surpassing the previous record set in late March 2024, which was around VND1.2 trillion.


Despite facing strong selling pressure on July 8, causing the VN-Index to sometime drop by nearly 10 points, the market reversed course by the session's close. It marked a sixth consecutive session of gains, despite the heavy net selling by foreign investors.

In today's trading session, the manufacturing sector surged ahead, with some stocks hitting their trading limits, including DCM, CSV, and BFC. Additionally, GVR rose by 3.99 percent, DPM by 3.74 percent, HSG by 1.6 percent, NKG by 2.85 percent, TNG by 1.81 percent, DGC by 1.84 percent, and BSR by 2.65 percent.

The logistics, transportation, and oil sectors also performed well. VOS and VIP hit their trading limits, while SCS increased by 2.05 percent, ACV by 1.13 percent, and PVT by 1.99 percent. PLX saw a significant rise of 5.8 percent, while PVD increased by 1.34 percent and OIL by 3.65 percent.

Meanwhile, the real estate and construction sector faced significant selling pressure, resulting in declines for most stocks. Specifically, DXS hit the floor, DXG dropped by 4 percent, DIG by 1.86 percent, VRE by 2.4 percent, VHM by 1.17 percent, KDH by 2.87 percent, VIC by 2.42 percent, KBC by 1.55 percent, and PDR by 2.95 percent.

The banking sector also experienced widespread declines. EIB fell by 1.31 percent, while VPB, ACB, MBB, MSB, CTG, TCB, SHB, VCB, BID, and SSB all saw decreases of nearly 1 percent.

In contrast, the securities sector showed gains. TVS hit the trading limit, MBS rose by 3.35 percent, CTS by 1.15 percent, VDS by 2.3 percent, ORS by 1.92 percent, AGR by 1.05 percent, while VCI, BST, and BVS all increased by nearly 1 percent.

At the close of today's trading session, the VN-Index edged up by 0.52 points, or 0.04 percent, to reach 1,283.56 points. Of the index, 243 stocks gained, 214 declined, and 48 held steady. Over at the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX-Index also climbed by 0.84 points, or 0.35 percent, to settle at 243.15 points, with 88 stocks advancing, 70 retreating, and 74 remaining unchanged. Market liquidity showed improvement, with trading volume on HOSE nearing approximately VND19.9 trillion, up by almost VND4 trillion compared to the previous session.

Despite foreign investors setting a record for net selling on HOSE, totaling over VND2.3 trillion, the most heavily sold stocks included several large-cap names: HDB saw net sales of nearly VND500 billion, followed by FPT with over VND263 billion, STB with roughly VND245 billion, MWG with almost VND185 billion, MSN with over VND161 billion, VRE with over VND131 billion, VHM with nearly VND113 billion, and HPG with close to VND95 billion.

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