Few teachers, schools in District 12 enjoy benefit of preschool support policy

Few teachers and non-public educational institutions in District 12's industrial zone are eligible to receive funding from preschool support policy, said Mr. Khuu Manh Hung, Head of Department of Education and Training District 12.
Few teachers, schools in District 12 enjoy benefit of preschool support policy ảnh 1

Mr. Khuu Manh Hung, Head of the Department of Education and Training in District 12 speaks at the meeting (Photo: SGGP)

Mr. Khuu Manh Hung spoke about this at a meeting this morning with Head of the Department of Culture and Society of the HCMC People's Council Cao Thanh Binh who led a delegation to work with the District 12 People's Committee on surveying the results of implementing the HCMC People's Council's Resolution No. 27/2022/NQ-HDND on the policy of preschool development in the area with industrial zones.

According to Mr. Khuu Manh Hung, in the 2022-2023 school year, there are 329 preschools in the area, including 23 public schools, 46 non–public schools and 260 home-based daycare centers, private kindergartens, and preschools.

Approximately 7,565 children are studying in public schools while roughly 8,859 children at non–public schools. At the same time, 11,759 children enrolled in home-based daycare centers, private kindergartens and preschools.

At Tan Thoi Hiep Industrial Park in Hiep Thanh Ward, more than 7,000 workers are working at 28 operating enterprises. 155 employees have babies from 13 months to 6 years old studying in non-public schools, home-based daycare facilities in the district.

According to the statistics of the Department of Education and Training in District 12, 4,423 children are learning at 50 preschools; however, there is no preschool located in Tan Thoi Hiep Industrial Park, but only in the vicinity.

For the implementation of the HCMC People's Council’s Resolution No. 27/2021/NQ-HDND on the policy of developing preschools in industrial zones, the People's Committee of District 12 has directed the Department of Education and Training to make a list of 104 children in 10 private educational institutions whose fathers or mothers are workers or employees in industrial zones to have support for them.

In addition, regarding the policy for teachers working at private preschools in industrial zones, only 3/352 teachers working at Hiep Thanh Kindergarten have enough conditions to receive subsidies with a total budget of VND 13,6 million (US$576,82).

Furthermore, with the policy to support private preschools for districts with industriall parks, District 12 does not have non-public preschools in the industrial zones that are eligible to receive financial support of VND20 million– VND50 million to repair facilities, because there is no preschool with at least 30 percent of children whose parents are employees, workers in industrial parks.

According to the Head of the Education and Training Department of District 12, the number of children, teachers and non-public preschools receiving support is not much because communication on policies and regimes is ineffective and teachers with secondary pedagogical qualifications have not met the prescribed training standards, so they are not eligible to receive support.

Mr. Cao Thanh Binh said that currently, Ho Chi Minh City has many separate policies for preschool education due to the specific conditions of the city. However, according to local reports, the number of children, teachers and preschool facilities receiving support is still low.

Currently, in the same area, some teachers are receiving support policies while others have not; subsequently, many people are not happy. Therefore, it is necessary to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the policy implementation, remove difficulties for schools as well as propose solutions to make the policy more effective, said Mr. Cao Thanh Binh.