Farmers' Union fosters farmers to become cooperatives directors

The Vietnam Farmers' Union will focus on fostering excellent farmers who have achieved success in production to become directors of cooperatives and small businesses in a bid to build groups of professional farmers.
An outstanding farmer in Tra Vinh Province

An outstanding farmer in Tra Vinh Province

The Vietnam Farmers' Association yesterday opened the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Farmers Association’s eleventh conference in Hanoi.

Conference participants decided on some important issues including a summary of the work of the association and the farmer's movement in the first six months of the year, the key tasks of the last months of 2023 and leaders of the Central Committee of the Party for the term 2026-2031.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers' Association Luong Quoc Doan said that in the first months of the year, farmers across the country faced many difficulties such as unstable and high prices of agricultural inputs and animal feeds while the prices of some agricultural products, especially live pork, poultry are low, consumption is difficult, affecting production and business efficiency.

The building and replication of cooperatives, cooperative groups, associations of professional farmers and models of development of production linked by value chain are till facing many difficulties.

Some responsible agencies in localities are still negligent in providing consultancy, vocational training and support for farmers.

Referring to the draft political report of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers' Association, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan said that the average growth target of the Farmers Support Fund is 10 percent or more per year, of which 2 percent is mobilized from non-budget sources. Some participants raised their opinions that the union should not define non-budgetary sources of mobilization while there were suggestions to specify in 10 percent how much percentage is from non-budgetary sources.

The draft of the Vietnam Farmers' Union has stated several key tasks and solutions in the new term, which is to focus on training outstanding farmers who have achieved success in production and farming to become directors of cooperatives and small businesses. These farmers will become the nucleus in the process of ‘farmer intellectualization’, creating a breakthrough in building a professional farmer force.

At the same time, cooperative groups and cooperatives will be guided by farmers' associations to establish production links along value chains and apply high technology and digital transformation.

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