Extreme heat waves adversely affect people’s daily life

Children and older adults are more prone to heat-related health problems while heat waves have been affecting people’s daily lives.
Extreme heat adversely affects people’s daily life

Extreme heat adversely affects people’s daily life

Temperatures above the seasonal norm have adversely affected daily life and people’s health condition. Streets in many places are empty at noon. Those who are forced to travel on roads or work outdoors have to wear long sleeve shirts.

People have flocked to the beach and cooled off in the sea. In the early morning and evening, beaches such as Ninh Chu in Ninh Thuan Province, Doi Duong, and Hon Rom in Phan Thiet City of Binh Thuan Province were flooded with bathers trying to get cool down. A resident of Phan Thiet City Le Nguyen An Khang moaned there is no rain in the past few months, extreme heat hit the country, so every late afternoon he bathes on the beach.

In addition to beaches, parks, curbside beverage shops, and air-conditioned coffee shops, public swimming pools are always crowded with people coming in and out to escape the sweltering heat. Ms. Vo Minh Xuan, an employee of a state agency in Phan Rang - Thap Cham City of Ninh Thuan Province said she often stay at the office during lunch break, or goes to an air-conditioned cafe to relax instead of going home like before.

After a long holiday, the first peak heat wave of summer hit Hanoi and the northern provinces with temperatures above 37 Celcius degree.

In the early morning, the Examination Department at Hanoi-based Saint Paul Hospital was suffocated because people thronged in the clinic and the elderly and children all felt fatigued because of the scorching heat. On average, 800 patients are hospitalized every day, an increase of more than 15 percent compared to before. Nearly half of them are young children with many serious cases who were brought to the hospital in serious condition.

In the face of the increasing number of patients, the hospital has asked the wards to add more cooling fans, air conditioners, and drinking water, as well as more examination tables, fee collection desks, and examination hours.

Meanwhile, the Medical Examination Department of the National Children's Hospital every day receives from 2,500-3,000 children who have a cough, acute respiratory infection, long-term high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, viral fever, encephalitis, rash.

Dr. Tran Minh Dien, Director of the National Children's Hospital, said that the number of pediatric patients who come for examination and treatment on hot days has increased, so the hospital has mobilized more doctors and nurses.

According to doctors of the Central Geriatric Hospital, in recent days, the intense heat at the beginning of the season has also caused many elderly people to be hospitalized. The hospital has received treatment for many elderly people suffering from cerebrovascular accidents and pneumonia.

Weather experts warn that today's heat wave is set to peak with temperatures at a record high; especially, the temperature in the Central region is likely to reach 41 degrees Celcius to 42 degrees Celcius.

Accordingly, the heatwave will cover Hanoi and the Northeast. In the North, in recent days, the heat has mainly appeared in the Northwest region such as Son La, Dien Bien, and Hoa Binh. Provinces in the North Central and Central regions will be in the center of the heat.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are today very hot with a temperature around 38 degrees Celcius at noon. However, from May 8, northern provinces will suddenly cool down due to the appearance of cold air causing rain. Due to the rapid temperature difference, people need to take care of themselves.

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