Dreadful wrongdoings in Electric Power University and HCMC University of Law

Inspectors from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has just announced the result of their inspection on the entrance examination, training management, and degree management in Electric Power University as well as the assignment task in the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) University of Law.

Wrongdoings were discovered in Electric Power University
Wrongdoings were discovered in Electric Power University

Accordingly, Electric Power University continuously exceeded the approved admission targets by MOET in the two years of 2013 (by 43.4 percent) and 2014 (by 12.2 percent). A random check on 222 current students who entered this university in 2013 showed that 140 of them had the unacceptable entrance examination grades of below average, 47 of whom were classified as training for the demand of the society and 7 had no admission data.

In addition, this university violated Clause No.1 of Article No.4 in the Law on University Education as it based its classes for freshmen of the 2014 cohort in Hong Lam Technology Economics College, located in Nghe An Province.

One more wrongdoing of Electric Power University comes from its end-term examination and teaching assignment procedure. The university does not clearly regulate the location for writing papers, nor does it show fairness in assigning classes for the teaching staff, leading to the fact that certain lecturers have to endure the workload 5 times as heavy as the rule set by MOET.

The marking procedure in this university is also troublesome because lecturers were allowed to bring test-papers home for marking. Since the second semester of the academic year of 2017-2018, lecturers have been required to carry out this task on-site and chaired by its Department of Examination and Quality Management, yet the administration is quite loose, and thus the grade of many papers were illegally raised.

The last mistake is that Electric Power University does not destroy blank degree and certificate template after completing the printing task as regulated. It also does not publicize necessary information on degree and certificate receivers on its official website.

Therefore, inspectors from the Ministry of Education and Training have proposed that Electric Power University immediately carry our proper solutions to amend the situation, focusing first on correcting inappropriate training, examination, and qualification management regulations. The university is requested to re-check all grades of the entrance examination in the two years of 2013 and 2014 and list any students who had below-standard ones or students who are classified as training for the demand of the society.

Suitable methods to deal with these special cases such as forcefully terminating studying and withdrawing qualification must be prepared by the university to submit to the Higher Education Department under MOET by November 30, 2019. Simultaneously, the university has to perform disciplinary actions on those violating the law.

MOET inspectors ask that the Ministry of Industry and Trade deliver specific instruction for Electric Power University to correct any possible mistakes happening with cohorts 2013 and 2014; follow all actions given by MOET inspectors in accordance with current rules; and punish all individuals or organizations under the responsibility of this ministry who are working in Electric Power University.

Headmaster of the university reported that on March 4, 2019, he already reproved and then transferred Vu Duy Thuan, former Dean of the Automation and Control Department, to another position. Similarly, on August 29, 2019, Vu Van Dinh, former Head of the Department of Examination and Quality Management, were punished and terminated from his current position.

Inspectors from MOET on September 30, 2019 released another report about their inspection on the employment task of the HCMC University of Law. Accordingly, this university did not perform any evaluation on its officers properly before assigning them to new positions, 4 cases of which did not even meet the regulated criteria.

Furthermore, as to the financial aspect, it has not publicly announced the balance of income and expense. The most worrying incident is the insufficient and untimely accounting preparation for the school fee of VND 29 billion (US$1.25 million) paid by part-time students retaking courses from 2014 to 2017; the unclear booking for the general management fee of VND3.4 billion ($146,140); the loose administration of its cash fund. Noticeably, Ms. Mai Quoc Thu Trang, treasurer of the HCMC University of Law, used her personal bank account to receive money from individuals and organizations working with this university. This has posed a threat of fund insecurity and made the public concerned.

Therefore, MOET inspectors proposed that the HCMC University of Law use extra books kept by related banks to re-check and collect possible interest from the money sent by all individuals and organizations who are working with the university to Ms. Trang’s personal bank account.

Illegal actions were also found in the university admission task. As stated by MOET inspectors, it is illogical to ask students of the master course to join in review sessions after the entrance examination has happened. What is more, certain students do not meet the foreign language criteria when submitting language certificates issued by this university. In addition, the cooperation between the university and 14 units to perform entrance examination for the master course in 40 locations outside the campus absolutely violates the regulation. In the two years of 2016 and 2017, the HCMC University of Law continuously exceeded the approved admission targets by 52.5 percent and 43.6 percent respectively.

Seriously, in the three years from 2014, this university organized classes for 1,306 part-time students without the permission of MOET. Nor does it acquire proper approval of MOET when collaborating with VASS to hold review classes or language examinations.

MOET inspectors ask that the university re-check all assignment and employment decisions to amend the situation and meet all requirements of the Law on University Education. This university is also requested to handle all debts or advance payment while re-checking related documents for the expense of VND24.1 billion ($1.04 million) for professional activities and VND1.4 billion ($60,159) for general activities as well as the unclear sum of VND3.4 billion ($146,140). If unable to present appropriate documents, these amounts must be submitted to the National Treasury.

Finally, the university is demanded to punish all individuals and organizations that break the law, and then send a report to MOET before November 30.

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