Deputy PM demands enhancing inspection in corruption-susceptible fields

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on December 29 demanded inspection be enhanced in the “sensitive fields” prone to corruption and negative phenomena.

Deputy PM Le Minh Khai (standing) attends the national teleconference of the inspection sector on December 29. (Photo: VNA)

He made the request while addressing a national teleconference reviewing the inspection sector’s performance in 2023 and launching tasks for next year.

Recognising the sector’s efforts and achievements, the Deputy PM asked the Government Inspectorate and the inspectorates of ministries and localities to adhere to the inspection plans of and directions by all-level steering committees for corruption and negative phenomena prevention and control.

They need to enhance inspections in the “sensitive fields” where corruption and negative phenomena are likely to occur, and on which there are many complaints and denunciations, he said.

It is necessary to push ahead with implementing the guidelines, policies, and laws on the fight against corruption and negative phenomena, Khai noted, demanding the effective implementation of anti-corruption measures, especially promoting the transparency at agencies, organisations and units, curbing conflicts of interest, and ensuring control over assets and income of the persons holding positions and power.

In addition, the entire sector was required to build a force of professional, responsible, disciplined, and upright inspectors who have strong mettle and take the lead in the combat against corruption, negative phenomena, and wastefulness, especially leaders of all-level inspectorates. The agencies were told to augment internal examination and supervision while stringently dealing with violating staff members.

The sector reported that in 2023, it has stepped up corruption prevention and control by taking various measures, thus uncovering 114 corruption cases involving 176 persons.

At the meeting, participants also looked back at the sector’s performance results in other aspects.

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