Contest about Vietnam’s history of patriotic traditions launched

In the context that society is very concerned about whether history is an elective or compulsory subject at high schools, the competition to learn about the country’s history of patriotic traditions was today launched in Hanoi.
Contest about Vietnam’s history of patriotic traditions launched ảnh 1 A contest about Vietnam’s history of patriotic traditions is launched

The contest is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training and the Education and Times newspaper will carry out it. This is an activity under the Prime Minister's Project on supporting information and propaganda on ethnicity and religion.

Contest entrants are education administrators, teachers, and employees who have been working in the education sector and students and parents nationwide who are interested in the contest.

The content of entries is not fictional and focuses on the following contents such as the values of religion for social life which contributes to the promotion of the strength of the great national unity bloc, religious solidarity in the cause, building and defending the fatherland, the national history, patriotism, tradition of the national building and defense, and the national unity.

At the same time, entries must reflect typical examples in carrying out the task of protecting the fatherland in the current period, history, patriotic tradition, ethics and lifestyle of teenagers in the socialist era, beauty in lifestyle, and training the will according to the forebears in terms of codes of conduct.

In addition, entrants should describe outstanding pupils, students, teachers of ethnic minorities, and religions and shining examples in environmental protection, and preserving cultural identity.

Entries must not have been published in books or newspapers, or on mass media, or submitted to other competitions organized by ministries, agencies, or the central government from the date of submission to the organizing committee.

Entrants must ensure and take responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of their submissions.

The organizers said that the competition about the history of the patriotic tradition of the Vietnamese nation aims to promote information and propaganda about the nation and its historical traditions and cultural identity as well as the Party's viewpoints and lines, the State's policies and laws on ethnicity, belief, and religion, and religious values for social life, contributing to promoting the strength of the great unity and religious solidarity in the cause of national construction and defense.

The organizer hoped to arouse the spirit of passion for learning history, patriotism, national pride, and responsibility of Vietnamese youth in learning and training and participating in the country’s construction and defense.

The closing ceremony and awarding ceremony are slated for the end of 2022.