Classical ballet Giselle to restage at HCMC Opera House

One of the well-known classical ballets of the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera (HBSO), Giselle will return to HCMC at the municipal Opera House on October 20-21.

The play will be performed by Meritorious Artists Tran Hoang Yen, Dam Duc Nhuan, Ho Phi Diep, artist Do Hoang Khang Ninh, La Man Nhi, and others of the HBSO. The production has been re-staged by Japanese artist Yuki Ohmori and French artist Chloe Glemot.

The ballet is about a peasant girl named Giselle who dies of heart failure after discovering her lover is betrothed to another. The Wilis, a group of supernatural women who dance men to death, summon Giselle from her grave. They target her lover for death, but Giselle's great love frees him from their grasp.

The play has two chapters. The first part presents a peaceful village in the South of Germany in the Middle Ages at harvest time and images of Giselle, a beautiful and innocent girl who is likely to be chosen as Harvest Queen. The second part is the scenes of the afterlife after Giselle’s death.

Giselle is a classic romantic ballet, composed by Adolphe Adam in 1841. It was staged across Europe, Russia, and the United States and gained great success. Giselle still remains one of the most famous classical ballet performances all over the world.

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