City dwellers classify garbage at homes from Nov.24

Ho Chi Minh City dwellers must classify household garbage from November 24 as per the municipal People Committee’s decision No.44 d on November 14.

City dwellers classify garbage at homes from Nov.24

To tighten control over solid waste to reduce harmful impacts on environment and human health, city authorities forces people to classify trash produced from daily activities.

Authorities use color-coded bags to sort its trash. Organic household waste is put in green bags while other waste must be placed in white bags.

Similarly, green garbage bins are for containing organic households waste and grey bins are used for containing the remaining trash.

Waste is divided into three groups including organic (leftover food, leaves, vegetables, and animal corpse; recyclable (cardboard package, plastic, metal, nylon and glass); and the harmless waste produced by households.

Sanitation workers must collect and transport organic waste and the other waste in odd days and even days. Local government will consider the calendar of waste collection. Vehicles used for collecting waste will be painted “ For organic waste” or “ For other waste”. Sanitation workers have right to refuse unclassified trash.