Children in Hanoi to have days off if AQI hits 300

Kindergartens and primary students in Hanoi will have days off schools if the air quality index (AQI) hits 300 and above, equivalent to hazardous levels, said the People’s Committee in Hanoi yesterday.
Children in Hanoi to have days off if AQI hits 300

In its direction on solutions for air pollution and how to improve air quality, the capital city authorities asked the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the Department of Environment Protection to maintain the stable operation of air quality tracking systems to inform the education sector about air quality index as well publicize the air pollution information.

Likewise, the health sector must be informed of the air quality to have guidance on how to prevent respiratory diseases once the AQI reaches unhealthy levels.

The Department of Transport and police must enhance controlling traffic to curb congestions during rush hours by asking all trucks weighing from 1.5 tons to only enter the city within Belt Road No 3 from 10 PM to 6AM of the following day.

All competent agencies and people’s committees in districts disseminate the information of air pollution to every resident preventing people from burning rice crop residue.

Households and business establishments are not allowed to use coal and throw litter in streets.

The Department of Environment Protection announced the AQI on December 25 was 150, which was unhealthy for sensitive groups. Accordingly, experts advised children and elderly people with respiratory diseases not go out.