Cherry blossom island

One of the colonizers who explored new lands to contribute to the development of the north –west region is Dr. Tran Le. The war veteran is known as the owner of “Cherry blossom island” in Muong Phang commune, Dien Bien district, the northwestern province of Dien Bien.
The Mon island in Pa Khoang lake
The Mon island in Pa Khoang lake
In 2006, Dr. Tran Le , who is over 60 years of age, came to the Mon island in Pa Khoang lake with a dream of covering the whole island with cherry blossom.
He spent first few years to overcome difficulties in planting cherry blossom.
With the support of local people and Japanese friends of the Vietnam–Japan Friendshops Association, he has planted sucessfully the trees imported from Japan.
There are about 1,000 cherry trees on the island, which bloom brilliantly during spring.
The Mon island in Pa Khoang lake is home of thousands of about 20 species of cherry blossom trees. Beside cherry blossom, the island is also home to numerous precious species of flowers like lilies, orchids and Mimosa. Visitors will take 20 minutes to be delivered to the island by a small boat.
Not only turning an isolated island into the ““Cherry blossom island”, Dr. Tran Le has created hundreds of jobs for local people.
Additionally, the cherry blossom festival was organized for the first time in 2018, aiming at promoting the beauty of people and nature of Dien Bien province. It returned to Pa Khoang commune, the northwestern province of Dien Bien for the second time this January.

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