Cargill Cares Council finances building schools in northern provinces

The Cargill Cares Council’s School Building Project fund has provided finance for building additional five schools in northern mountainous provinces under its rural school-building program.
Cargill Cares Council continues financing building schools in northern mountainous provinces

Cargill Cares Council continues financing building schools in northern mountainous provinces

The fund has just handed over five new school sites in four provinces such as Dien Bien, Cao Bang, Yen Bai and Ha Giang, where the ethnic minorities live.

The Cargill Cares Council is paying a lot of attention to building schools in the northern mountainous region this year and next. The Democracy Kindergarten in Dan Chu Commune in Hoa An District is the first school project funded by the Cargill Cares Foundation in Cao Bang Province. The school has 6 classrooms and a playground where 150 local children are pursuing education.

In Yen Bai Province, the Cargill Cares Foundation funded the building of Che Tao Kindergarten with 4 classrooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a playground to better the learning place for 80 children in Mu Cang Chai District’s Che Tao Commune.

Two other new kindergartens in Dien Bien Province were constructed in Phien Ho Commune of Nam Po District and Muong Nhe Commune in Muong Nhe District.

Previously, the Cargill Cares Foundation also inaugurated Huu Vinh Kindergarten in Ha Giang Province’s Yen Minh District and Que Phong Primary School in the Central Province of Quang Nam with 4 classrooms and a library for providing education to 150 students.

The Cargill Cares Foundation announced the total investment cost is more than VND10 billion. Cargill established its school building program in 1996 to provide students in agricultural communities with access to quality education in a safe and conducive environment. Thus, from 1996 until now, the Cargill Cares Foundation has built and handed over 111 schools. Cargill Vietnam Company is committed to the construction of 150 schools in rural and mountainous areas in Vietnam by 2030.

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