Building resettlement areas for residents should be sped up

Along with the site clearance work being carried out, building resettlement areas for residents whose land has been acquired for the construction of key national transport projects in the Southeastern region to settle down should be sped up.
A resettlement area for residents affected by the the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway ảnh 1

A resettlement area for residents affected by the the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway

The provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ba Ria - Vung Tau have many key national transport projects underway such as the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway, the Ring Road 3 in Ho Chi Minh City, creating a great impetus for socio-economic development and traffic connection in the Southeast region.

Efforts to create a land fund

The government in the Southern Province of Dong Nai’s Nhon Trach District has arranged 250 resettlement sites for the Ring Road 3 project's section through Dong Nai province with a length of more than 11.2km starting from Vinh Thanh Commune of Nhon Trach District.

The local administration is constructing six resettlement areas for people whose land is acquired for the Ring Road 3 project and a number of other projects in the area.

Elsewhere in the country, Binh Duong Province is conducting many important and inter-regional infrastructure projects such as the Ring Road 3 and 4 of Ho Chi Minh City and the upgrade and expansion of the National Highway 13, so the construction progress is very important. For other key projects such as the intersection of Song Than Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh Expressway, Di An City is applying for land funds for planning a resettlement area of about 500 plots so that people can settle down.

About 1,600 households in about 119.35ha in Binh Duong Province have their lands reclaimed for the Ho Chi Minh City Ring Road 3 project. The province plans to arrange resettlement for 515 cases, mainly in Thuan An and Di An cities.

Speeding up the project progress

Three sub-projects of Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway through Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province have a length of 19.5km with a total investment in phase 1 of more than VND 4,964 billion, the scale of 4 lanes, the width of the roadbed from 24.75-27m and the completion and expansion phase will increase to 6 lanes.

The province has to recover more than 138ha of land from 1,212 households and organizations mostly in Phu My town. Some 1,097 households whose lands of more than 115ha were acquired must be soon settled down.

According to Chairman of the People's Committee of Phu My town Nguyen Van Tham, the site clearance work has so far reached nearly 70 percent and the units are speeding up the work progress to soon hand over clean land for the kickoff of the project in June, 2023. Phu My town planned for about 300 resettlement sites for people affected by the project.

For the implementation of the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway project, Dong Nai Province needs to recover residential land and houses of 2,800 households, of which 2,500 households have been cleared. The local administration planned to arrange resettlement areas in Bien Hoa City and Long Thanh District for more than 1,000 households.

Chairman of Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee Cao Tien Dung revealed that the province pledged to the National Assembly and the Government that it will hand over 70 percent of land to start the Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway project and spaces for completion of the resettlement area infrastructure by June 30, 2023. Dong Nai Province is speeding up the construction of 2 resettlement areas.