Bridging gap in vocational training in logistics sector

A forum on Human Resource Development for the Logistics Industry and Future Trends in Vietnam was held today in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss concrete actions to close the gap between skills supply and demand in the logistics industry in Vietnam.

Bridging gap in vocational training in logistics sector
VET colleges often face challenges aligning graduate’s skills with industry needs, which leads to skills shortages in the job market. Consequently, graduates are placed in low skilled positions with employers having to invest in re-training.
“With e-commerce and automation changing the landscape of the logistics sector dramatically, there will be a specific focus on actions to re-skill the existing workforce to be competent in the technology, thereby further improving the competitiveness of the Vietnamese logistics industry”, President of Vietnamese Logistics Association (VLA) Le Duy Hiep said in his presentation on The Workforce Stocktaking in Vietnamese Logistics industry.
During the forum, representatives from Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs discussed the importance of human resource development, logistics enterprises’ role in setting skills standards and building skills for the sector’s future workforce.
The Logistics Industry Reference Council (LIRC), an industry-led model established by the Aus4Skills program, was used throughout the forum as an example of successful partnership between industry and VET providers to develop occupational and skills standards in the logistics sector.
The LIRC helps ensure that the skills of graduates are relevant, meet employer’s needs, which results in improved productivity and efficiency in the logistics sector.
The forum was an initiative of VCCI and Vietnamese Logistics Association (VLA) and was supported by the Australian Government. It brought together representatives from businesses as well as the Vietnamese government and Australian experts.

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