Book reading festival organized for junior highschool students

More than 500 students in junior high schools in district 4 gathered at book reading festival in Quang Trung School last weekend.

Book reading festival organized for junior highschool students
Festival participants had opportunities to participate in the contests “Van hay chu tot” (Good Essay, Good Writing) “Lon len cung sach” ( Growing up with books).
Deputy Head of the Office of Education and Training in district 4 Cao Thi Tuyet Mai said that with the aim to offer playground for students, the festival wanted to honor book value and reading culture to turn reading movement into teachers’ and students ’ habit.
In addition to contests, schools have built bookcases that all students can use together and collect old books for poor students and then educate students the awareness of respecting books and improving students’ habit of reading book.
This year, “Van hay chu tot” (Good Essay, Good Writing ) contest was organized in combination of tours to new urban in Binh Thanh district and an essay about students’ felling.
Participants of “Lon len cung sach” (Growing up with books) answered multiple-choice questions relating to book and arranged book according to theme as well as design creative products by tearing paper to make a picture and perform a drama whose content is a favorite book of students.

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