Art project using AR technology makes Vietnamese traditional costumes more vivid

An augmented reality art book titled Dong Bao Viet Phuc (Vietnamese traditional costumes) presenting traditional costumes of Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups has attracted much attention of young people.
Art project using AR technology makes Vietnamese traditional costumes more vivid ảnh 1 A picture of the artbook 
The art book using the latest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology allowing each artwork to come to life with animation is a master's thesis of a group of students namely Thao Nhi, Huyen Tran and Minh Thao of Can Tho FPT University.
Receiving positive feedbacks after sharing the first images on social platforms, the students decided to develop their bachelor thesis into a non-profit project to spread the national cultural value of Vietnam’s ethnic groups to many people.
As of now, the Dong Bao Viet Phuc (Vietnamese traditional costumes) project has 13 members that are divided into two groups, including Design and Marketing.
The group said that costume helps viewers realize the beauty and diversified cultural characteristics of Vietnamese people in the fastest way.
Based on sketches created by Minh Thao, Huyen Tran takes responsibility for using augmented reality tools to make moving photos and figure out how to take a person from a photo or a work of art and make them run, walk or other activities in the folk music, bringing each visual to vivid life with animation, color and sound.
The project’s members have searched and summarized information taken from reference books, prestigious sites, and given by teachers and insider in the areas of fine arts and history, said Huyen Tran.
The group hoped that the project gives young people a chance to discover traditional cultural values leading to a new approach to the youth and raise their awareness about the need to preserve cultural values, said Thao Nhi.
Accessing by scanning a picture with a mobile device, Do Hoang Thinh, 20, a student of the Sai Gon University is very interesting in images of the Mang ethnic men and women who are waving the hand to say "hello" and carrying a bunch of bamboo. The project is expected to help him finish his master's thesis on Vietnamese traditional costumes.
Ms. Huynh Thu Trang, 26, a primary school teacher of Binh Chanh District said that the information of the artbook has been selected carefully and correctly. It not only presents the costume but also typical daily activities. The project helps her in transmitting knowledge to students by using its vivid images.

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