866,000 students to sit for national high school exit exam

Approximately 866,000 students are ready for their national high school graduation examination that will take place at 2,364 sites across the country on June 21 - 24, announced the Ministry of Education and Training yesterday.
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
Hanoi has the most candidate with 72,939 students in 3,033 rooms, next followed by Ho Chi Minh City with 71,469 students.

This year results from the high school exit examination  will be used for both high school graduation and university entrance.
Candidates will finish paper procedure and adjust their personal information on June 21 and they will sit for the national high school exam on three next days.

Chief inspector from the Ministry Nguyen Huy Bang said that the Ministry set up ten inspection teams for unscheduled visits to exam sites.

The Ministry ordered departments of education to pay inspections to exam sites and have hot line during the exam to receive feedback of students and parents.

After a test, chief inspector of departments of education must report feedbacks and handling wrongdoings to the Ministry.

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