70 percent of breast cancer cases involve successful women

70 percent of breast cancer cases in Vietnam affect successful women. This news was released at an event held at the Irrigation University in Hanoi on October 19, aimed to raise awareness of breast cancer among women and the community.


This is the first ever event of its kind to be organized in the country by the Breast Cancer Network Vietnam that was founded  by Duong Nu Khanh Thuong, who suffers from breast cancer at the last stage.


In the world, one woman dies of the disease every minute. Upto 70 percent successful women or those women who usually face stress in life contract the disease.


In Vietnam, 21 percent of cancer patients die of breast cancer, especially in Hanoi, which has a high rate of cancer.


Medical experts say bad habits such as drinking too much coffee, beer, wine, pills, passive smoking, pesticides via foods, and stress make people vulnerable to the disease.


Experts advise women to undergo medical check-ups every six months for timely discovery of breast cancer.


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