Workers to have four days off for National Day holiday

The Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has just announced the hanging of the national flag and a total of four days off on the National Day holiday in 2023.

Accordingly, cadres, civil servants, public employees and workers will enjoy four consecutive days off, beginning from September 1 to September 4 for the National Day holiday. Specifically, they will have two days off for the National Day (from September 1 to September 2) holiday, one day of rest per week (September 3) and an extra day off on Monday (September 4) according to the Labor Code.

Offices, organizations, factories, educational facilities, hospitals, armed force units and households will hang the national flag outside during the holiday.

In order to increase capacity serving passengers on peak days of the National Day holiday, the Ministry of Transport yesterday requested units to strengthen solutions to meet the need of passenger's travel and ensure traffic order and safety during the National Day holiday.

Accordingly, the Department for Roads of Vietnam and provincial and municipal departments of transport are assigned to direct transport businesses to obey by regulations on fares and publicize their ticket prices.

Besides, the Ministry of Transport required relevant units to keep a close eye on safety conditions of vehicles and drivers before departure. Insde the cabins of means of transport, license plate numbers of the vehicles and phone numbers of functional agencies must be posted at visible places for passengers to can reflect problems if any.

The Ministry of Transport also required functional units to strengthen inspection and handling of violations in areas where unregistered and disguised vehicles operate.

As for airlines, the Ministry of Transport required the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam to direct relevant sides to strengthen security and safety control on flying; build a plan of increasing the number of flights during peak time; adjust flight schedule to ultimately avoid delay or cancellation; strictly implement regulations on prices and publicize air fares.

Besides, the Ministry of Transport required airports to strengthen human resources, equipment serving for security screening and luggage return for passengers to prevent congestion from occuring at big airports such as Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai.

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