Vietnamese trawler collides with Liberian cargo vessel off Binh Dinh coast

The Quang Nam Provincial Border Guard confirmed that a fishing trawler of Quang Nam Province carrying 43 laborers sank after colliding with Liberian cargo vessel CETUS63601823 in the sea off Binh Dinh Province. 

The initial report said that on July 14, the fishing boat QNa-91568TS operated by 51 year old Dang Van Hoi from Tam Giang Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province with 43 fishermen on board departed from An Hoa Border Guard Station under the border guard station of Ky Ha Border Gate for a squid fishing journey.

At 3a.m August 17, the boat collided with a Liberian cargo vessel and sank at the location of 173 nautical miles east off the coast of Binh Dinh Province.

By 8 a.m on the same day, all crew members of the Vietnamese fishing boat were rescued by other trawlers working nearby the incident site.

The foreign ship left the Vietnamese fishing boat after the collision and continued its journey to Singapore. 

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