Vietnamese students learn about environmental protection

Vietnamese students will have a chance to learn about environmental protection and sustainable development with their peers in other countries.

At the press conference

The French Institute in Ho Chi Minh City held a press conference to introduce the program ‘Recreating the World with French’ yesterday afternoon.

Within the framework of the Francophone Summit to be held next October in France, the program launched by the French Institute in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia aims to connect students to learn about environment protection and sustainable development in French.

Climate change, environmental pollution, biodiversity loss and natural resource management are challenges that Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, as well as other countries in the world, are facing. Therefore, students will have a chance to experience the educational program, which provides students with an understanding of the above challenges, with practical actions to protect the environment, as well as becoming inspiring ambassadors for the environment and the French language.

The French Institute in the three countries hopes that students participating in the program will tell their friends and relatives about their experiences, and that is why the program chooses eleventh-grade students who will continue studying one more year in their high schools so that they can share their experiences with their classmates.

Students of high schools such as Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Marie Curie will be representatives of Vietnam to participate in the program. Children will participate in a variety of interactive workshops and collaborative projects to encourage the development of creative solutions to environmental problems as well as learn how to analyze environmental problems and develop environmental strategy and action plans.

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