Vietnamese films released for Valentine’s Day

Movie fans are rejoicing as cinemas have been slowly reopening across the country. For this Valentine's Day, these Vietnamese movies will surely bring unforgettable moments to cinema goers.


Vietnamese films released for Valentine’s Day
Vietnamese films released for Valentine’s Day ảnh 1 The secrets of Camy and her friends will surprise the audience. (Photo courtesy of the producer)
Bay Ngot Ngao (Naked Truth) tells the story of a group of four friends who reunite after a long time, on the wedding anniversary of Camy, a member of the group. While Quynh Lam, Linh Dan and Ken are all single, Camy has a dream life with her talented husband Dang Minh. At the reunion, the group's private secrets are gradually revealed.
Naked Truth will hit theatres with a C18 label (not suitable for children).
The film stars famous actors such as Quoc Truong, Minh Hang, Bao Anh, Dieu Nhi, and Thuan Nguyen. It is predicted to become a big hit for Valentine's Day.
After being delayed due to the pandemic, Nguoi Tinh (Lover) by director Luu Huynh officially announced a new screening schedule. It is an 18 romantic film.
The movie revolves around a fraught love story between a young fashion designer possessing a naive beauty Diem Tinh (Minh Tu) and three men with different jobs. Behind this complicated love story are hidden corners and unspoken secrets.
Chuyen ma gan nha (Nearby Ghost Stories) is based on creepy Vietnamese urban legends. After Bac Kim Thang and Rung The Mang (Lost in the Jungle), Chuyen ma gan nha is the third film by the duo of director Tran Hu Tan and producer Hoang Quan.
The project is the first movie to be inspired by Vietnamese urban legends.
The film uses the image of a mysterious girl appearing on Vietnamese sugarcane juice trucks, leaving the audience curious. Director Tan has also exploited many other mysterious stories to create Vietnamese-style ghostly and creepy scenes.

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