Vietnamese consumers start hunting discounted goods during Black Friday Deals

Vietnamese consumers started hunting discounted goods during Black Friday Deals 2020 and shopping season at the year-end.

Vietnamese consumers start hunting discounted goods during Black Friday Deals
From 8AM yesterday (Black Friday November 27), hundreds of customers queued in front of stores and commercial centers including Uniqlo, Vincom Center, Takashimaya to wait for the open.
More and more people flocked to these venues; therefore, staffs of these commercial centers and stores had to use loudspeaker to warn people of pickpockets and regulations of gathering in public places.
Vietnamese year-end shoppers have mostly snatch discounted items such as clothing, shoes, bags, households appliances, kitchen items. Types of sales promotions in retailers which have been offering discount their goods or services by 50 percent, 80 percent and additional 10 percent in the bill.
Other shops offer customers extra value and may encourage them to buy more or to choose one business or product over another. Seasonal shoppers have been buying discounted products of international brand names such as Valentino, Calvin Klein, Coach, MCM, Salvatore Ferragamo, Adidas in Black Friday promotional sales.
Online shoppers were also hunting attractive deals on e-commerce websites which offer discount of 30 percent-70 percent.
Discounts and promotions will continue to play a significant role as users have pushed back their purchase decisions due to Covid-19. Businesses reported an increase in number of orders by almost two-three times compared to normal days during the three biggest shopping days, including November 11, Black Friday (last Friday of November) and December 12.
In response to this year’s Black Friday, commercial banks also introduced attractive programs including refunding, lucky draw for clients making mobile payments. Specifically, from November 27-29, master card holders of Sacombank will receive refund of from 20 percent to 40 percent after shopping in clothing and cosmetics stores.

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