Vietnam to improve nutrition for 40 mil women, children

The Ministry of Health has announced its plan to improve nutrition for 40 million women and children.

This news was released at a seminar to conceive a plan “Nutrition and food security for children and groups at risk of bad nutrition in Vietnam” yesterday held by the Ministry in Hanoi.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, deputy Health Minister, the plan includes two parts in a joint efforts to link food security and nutrition. The implementation of the plan will contribute to improve health condition and nutrition of mothers and kids as well as help support the government’s policies and ensure stable Millennium Development Goals.

The plan will focus on supporting residents in the two provinces including the northern mountainous northern province of Lao Cai and the central province of Ninh Thuan. Activities such as consultation of breastfeeding, provision of Vitamin A, iodine and iron for women in the child-bearing age, pregnant women and kids under five years of age will be launched in the above provinces.

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