Vietnam still quarantines persons holding vaccine passport

People from foreign countries carrying a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, informally known as a vaccine passport,  are still quarantined upon entry into Vietnam and undergo tests like others.
A batch of Covid-19 vaccine is brought in the Center for Disease Control in the Central City of Da Nang (Photo: SGGP)
A batch of Covid-19 vaccine is brought in the Center for Disease Control in the Central City of Da Nang (Photo: SGGP)
Some countries in the world have introduced a regulation that people receiving the double inoculation against Covid-19 or having a Covid-19 vaccine passport will not be under quarantine upon entry into other nations.
When it comes to the regulations, former Head of the General Department of Preventive Medicine Dr. Tran Dac Phu yesterday said that anyone entering the Southeast Asian country with Covid-19 vaccination certificate must be quarantined 14 mandatory days and must undergo tests like others.
According to Dr. Phu, the regulation is still arguable in many nations. The World Health Organization has even called for extreme caution over the matter requesting administrators and tourism agents not consider the Covid-19 vaccination certificate as a requisite qualification for travelling around the world because it is unclear to what extent Covid-19 vaccines can interrupt transmission of the coronavirus and the supply of Covid-19 vaccine is limited.
Plus, it is worth mentioning risks because it has taken four to five years or even ten years to research vaccines but Covid-19 vaccine has been researched in an urgent context when the disease has devastated countries in the globe. The vaccine was produced in a short time; therefore, its effects and other matters must be paid attention to.
Worse, the deadly virus has mutated with various strains; hence, vaccines have little effects on new strains, said Dr. Phu. Combination between double inoculation against Covid-19 and negative tests is necessary to reduce the mandatory quarantine duration. He stressed on the importance of strict implementation of 5K principles as most effective measures against Covid-19 presently.
In related news, the National Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control yesterday evening said that four new cases of Covid-19 are imported cases who were isolated upon arrival. The country reported 44 recovered cases bringing total recovered cases to 2,048.

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