Vietnam eyes global top 10 in agricultural processing

A strategy for developing agricultural mechanisation and agro-forestry-fishery processing has been approved, aiming to turn Vietnam into one of the top 10 agricultural processing centres in the world by 2030.

The strategy, signed off by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, looks to develop modern, efficient and sustainable agricultural processing to meet the demands and standards of the global market.

Among its objectives, over 90% of work in the cultivation of key crops is to be mechanised by 2025 and over 70% of work in cultivation in general will be completely mechanised by 2030. The respective targets are more than 80% and 60% for animal husbandry, over 70% and 90% for aquaculture, 85% and over 95% for fishing and cold storage on fishing boats.

The agricultural processing industry is expected to record an annual growth rate of over 8% in its added value by 2025 and 10% by 2030. Post-harvest loss of key crops is to be curtailed by 0.5% - 1% annually. Processed products will make up 60% of the export value of key farm produce.

In this strategy, Vietnam plans to develop modern agricultural processing enterprises whose financial strength and governance are in line with global firms. It is also set to develop industrial clusters for farm produce processing that are linked with concentrated and mechanised material production zones.

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