Unpredictable weather triggers infectious diseases

Unpredictable in Vietnam along with polluted environment and unsafe food triggered outbreaks of dangerous infectious diseases in the country.

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
People are still worried about encephalitis which enters the peak season though test results of four kids’ samples carried out by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology showed the samples are negative for the disease.
Director of the General Hospital in the northern province of Cao Bang Dr. Phuong Duc Cu said the four kids in Thong Nong District had encephalitis-like symptoms of headache, vomiting, fatigue high fever and later experiencing breathing problem, swollen brain and falling into coma.

Head of Hanoi-based National Children Hospital’s Infectious Disease Ward Nguyen Tien Lam encephalitis is a dangerous disease for kids. However, initial flu-like symptoms make parents mistake; consequently, kids are not taken to medical clinics early.
Many kids had been rushed to infirmaries in critical condition; they might suffer complication or even death.

The National Children Hospital’s Infectious Disease Ward, Bach Mai and some infirmaries in the North admitted more kids in ongoing scorching heat days. Kid patient overload hospitals have seen in these days.
Many of children experienced encephalitis and meningitis meanwhile hospitals in the South recorded scatter cases of encephalitis.

The Children Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City received some serious children with Japan encephalitis. Head of the Preventive Medicine Department Tran Dac Phu said that encephalitis occurs all year round in most localities. Infection cases usually increase in hot weather from June to August. Children under 15 often get the disease. Most infected kids are not vaccinated. 

Worse, at this time, dengue fever also enters its peak season. As per the Ministry of Health’s figure, as of June, 2017, the country reported over 36,500 dengue cases including ten deaths. Most cases are recorded in the South with 65 percent of the country’s total cases and deaths are due to late hospitalization. 

The Ministry warned the dengue will develop complicatedly in next time because it is rainy season in the South which is conducive to mosquitoes laying egg and transmission of the disease. People in the North especially in Hanoi should not neglect preventing dengue because by the middle of June, Hanoi recorded 1,700 dengue cases with one death, increase fourfold compared to last year.

Director of the Department of Health in Hanoi Hoang Duc Hanh said that increased number of dengue patients because of unpredictable weather. Rainy season in Hanoi offers favorite condition for development of mosquito. Locals refused to spraying chemicals to kill mosquito; consequently, the disease widely spread. 

Additionally, Hanoi recorded 84 measles case, 60 hand-foot-mouth cases, 6 people with streptococcal disease of swine, two deaths because of rabies and other fatal diseases.
The Department of Preventive Medicine warned of possible outbreaks of flu, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, rubella because of scorching heat, polluted environment and unsafe food. Most people can be infected with diseases especially kids.

Parents should take their kids to infirmaries for vaccination to prevent diseases. People should do sanitation to keep house clean and kill mosquitoes and its larva, eat boiled water and cooked food, clean hands with soap before cooking and after toilet. 
They are advised to go to nearby clinics when experiencing illness

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