Tra Vinh Province actively prevents IUU fishing

The People’s Committee of Tra Vinh Province has issued a directive on more measures to stop local fishing boats from Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.


Accordingly, the Chairman of the Tra Vinh Province People’s Committee asked that the Command Unit of the provincial Border Guard closely cooperate with relevant departments and state agencies in the province as well as the local authorities to carry out more propaganda activities for fishermen about national border, island, and sea management.

Local residents are encouraged to strictly obey regulations on conditions for exploiting seafood at sea, socio-economic developments alongside with national defense and security enforcement in the new situation.

The province continues signing agreements with boat owners and captains about the commitment on not exploiting seafood offshore in foreign waters. The boat owners and captains not signing this agreement, not fully comply with the regulations, or not having necessary documents are not allowed to proceed with the departure procedures.

The Command Unit of the provincial Border Guard is directed to collaborate with the Agriculture and Rural Development Department to frequently monitor any upgraded, converted, or new fishing vessels that do not meet the registration and inspection requirements as well as those with an expired exploitation license, inspection certificate and those removed from the list of regular registration list.

The Agriculture and Rural Development Department is asked to consult the provincial People’s Committee in developing suitable schemes and plans to encourage fishermen to apply for all essential fishing procedures, to raise their awareness about law observance, to not follow IUU fishing.

It is necessary to introduce policies to promote and support vulnerable families to complete fishing vehicle registration and inspection procedures or switch to other more suitable jobs.

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