Stricter fines to be imposed on overloaded truck drivers

To deter drivers from violating regulation, People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City petitioned the Ministry of Transport to handle and impose harsher penalties on drivers who drive overloaded vehicles.

A vehicle in balance station (Photo: SGGP)
A vehicle in balance station (Photo: SGGP)
Along with patrolling streets, police officers should use automated balance to weigh overloaded trucks. The weight is used as evidence for fine.
Additionally, city authorities petitioned the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Public Security to inform people about weighing their trucks as evidence for fines later.
Moreover, stricter fines are suggested on those who drive overloaded to prevent them from committing the violations.
Next time, HCMC will increase traffic patrolling by sending wardens to all streets including distant check. Police officers will take turn to patrol a section in a month to prevent negative acts or irresponsibilities amongst them while on duty.
Furthermore, People’s Committee asked the Department of Transport to open hot checks in “hot” streets and sections as well as operate automatic balance stations plus enhance supervision in transport companies or at parking lots.
In the first three weeks of April, traffic inspectors from the Department of Transport handled 500 violations in “hot spots” at the gate of the East such as Hanoi Highway, the National Highway 1A, 13 , street in front of Suoi Tien Amusement Park in district 9, An Phu circle in district 2; Mai Chi Tho in district 2; My Thuy circle and Cat Lai Wharf in district 2.
In addition to wrong parking, environment, half of violations were overloaded trucks. Total fines were more than VND3.8 billion. Traffic inspectors also seized driving licenses for 11 violators and two vehicles.

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