Retail price of gasoline surges slightly, fuel oil rises sharply

The Inter-Ministry of Industry, Trade and Ministry of Finance this afternoon adjusted the retail price of gasoline in the domestic market.

After the adjustment, the price of E5RON92 gasoline was adjusted slightly to VND22,822 per liter, an increase of VND31 a liter, and the RON95-III gasoline price rose by VND23,993 a liter, up VND30 a liter.

Besides, diesel oil 0.05S was lifted to VND22,425 a liter, up VND1,813 a liter, the price of kerosene is now VND21,889 a liter, up VND1,619 a liter, fuel oil 180CST 3.5S surged by VND17,668 per kilogram, up VND1,137 a kilogram.

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