Railway sector to add more trains during peak summer season

The railway sector will add more trains on the North-South route from May 15 to meet the travel demand of passengers during the peak summer season.


According to the Vietnam Railway Corporation, six twin trains for Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City route SE1/SE2, SE3/SE4, SE5/SE6, SE7/SE8, SE9/SE10 and SE11/SE12 will be added during the peak period.

Additional trains will operate on routes of Hanoi – Vinh, Hanoi – Dong Hoi and Hanoi – Da Nang.

During the peak period, from May 17 to August 18, the railway sector will apply discounts of five percent and 10 percent on train fares for passengers who plan to buy tickets of twin trains SE1/SE2, SE5/SE6, SE9/SE10 and SE11/SE12 around 20 to 39 days, 40 days or above before the departure respectively, excluding tickets for a four-seat cabin on twin trains SE1/SE2.

On the occasion, the railway sector also announced the twin train fares for the route of Hue – Da Nang from May 15.

Accordingly, the train fares on the Hue-Da Nang route shall be traded at VND180,000 (US$7.1) and VND210,000 (US$8.3) per ticket per turn operating from Monday to Friday, on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

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