Quang Ngai warns flood, landslide as river water rises

Weather forecasters in the central province of Quang Ngai warned flood, landslide as river water is rising alarmingly this morning.

River water in Quang Ngai rises (Photo: SGGP)
River water in Quang Ngai rises (Photo: SGGP)

Because of effects of cold air and strong wind, the province has torrential rains and showers. Forecasters predicted inundation in some districts. Specifically, rainfall water will be measures at 151 mm in Son Giang, 193 mm in Minh Long and 217 mm in Ba To.

It was forecast that river water in Tra Cau and Ve rivers will be risen to the second-stage warning level and it will be the first-stage warning level in rivers Tra Khuc and Tra Bong.

Residents are warned to take precaution of landslide in mountainous areas such as Tay Tra, Tra Bong, Son Tay, Ba To and Minh Long. Partial inundation will take place in low-lying areas and along rivers.

This morning, premises around bridge Thach Nham in Son Ha District are submerged preventing travelling.